RMS Memorial Public School places high importance on the health and safety of its staff and students. Not only is this important for the general well-being of each individual child, but children who are healthy and happy are likely to derive maximum benefit from the academic and pastoral programmes offered by the school.

At RMS Memorial Public School Clinic, we understand our unique role in safeguarding the health of all members of our school community. Our dedicated team of qualified medical doctors and nurses is committed to maintaining and improving the health of students and school personnel via prompt health services and health education.

The school clinic is a two warded, ten bedded state of the art facility situated in a central and easily accessible location within the school premises. It offers services and health support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is manned by staff who are all fully residential within the school. We liaise with reputable hospitals, laboratories and secondary/tertiary referral centres on us to provide rounded medical care to both staff and students.

Our objectives:

  • Early detection of any deviation from normal health that may hinder a child from benefitting fully from his/her education.
  • Prompt treatment of any disease or condition, with the aim of restoring good health within the shortest possible time.
  • Ongoing treatment and support for children and staff with chronic medical conditions.
  • Regular health appraisal of school children and school personnel.
  • Health education and information on relevant topics.
  • Active involvement in other school activities, both within and outside the school, where emergency care or our medical expertise may be required.
The medical team works closely in collaboration with the pastoral and non-academic staff, giving further insight into the background of some of the cases that present to us in the clinic. We know our students well and help them to see the clinic as a warm and friendly place, where they will be treated with both care and understanding. Healthcare is an ever-changing field and our clinic staff undergo continuing professional training to sharpen their skills, update their knowledge base and remain at the forefront of efficient healthcare delivery.